Thursday, September 13, 2007

Toile and Transferware

I absolutely adore toile and transferware! They are both timeless patterns that work well in many decorating schemes. Great with French Country, but equally at home with Traditional, Cottage or Shabby, due to all the colors and patterns out there today. Here are a few of the toile and transferware I use in my home.

Above is a pretty red color of transferware and toile. I use these in my master bedroom. My curtains and quilt are red toile and the plates hang on the wall above the bed.

The green toile is used as curtains in my study/library. I have not had a chance to hang the pretty green transferware plate I recently found at my favorite antique store.

The lavender toile are curtains in my quest room and the lavender transferware plate hangs on the wall next to the bed.

And finally, the pink Fragonard Pattern and coordinating plate. Now, they are pink and my home is not :-). So this fabric I used on making lampshades, pillows and recovering benches in my mosaic studio. The plate will probably end up on a mosaic mirror.

Do you use toile or transferware in your decorating?


see you there! said...

Penny, put my name on that lavendar bedroom. All your rooms must be beautiful.

I don't have any toile in my house but do have a couple of pieces of transferware in my blue/white china collection.


PS - you definately need some Kent Beauty oregano :-)

Wanda said...

Ooooooo! That's all so pretty! I love toile and transferware too, but somehow don't have much of it. I try to go that direction, but always seem to get sidetracked onto something else. I'm determined to use brown toile in my new office, though. Maybe.

I covet that green plate of yours especially. All of them, but that one a bit more than the others.

Greenie Gardens said...

Dear Penny, I love your toile. It's always been my favorite. As a child I remember staying at a little hotel in Lucerne where the room was done completely in blue and white toile and the bathroom fixures were toile too! I've never seen it since but have always loved toile as a result. Thanks for reminding me.

jeanetta said...

i adore toile!!! black and white is my favorite but i have found a yard of one i wish i had more of. its a tan back ground with a rusty red-orange design.
currently i am using my love of black and white toile to make aprons for halloween.

Daffodil Hill said...

YES! I love toile and transferware together! I am working on several rooms with red and several rooms with blue, but I love all of the colors. I just may have to find a piece or two of that green! ; )

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

I absolutely adore all of those fabrics and the plates are gorgeous! You have such an eye. I do have some transferware and just love it.

Love it all!

DC said...

Oh Penny! I love your toile and transferware! They are so romantic!

Please visit my blog - you have been tagged!


Kathleen Grace said...

Penny you know I LOVE toile and my dinner plates are red transferware. I love how yu put them together, they look great! Thank you for sharing. I recently got 5 yards of beautiful toile fabric for the dining room in balck and cream at a garage sale for $5! I ripped them into some curtains, (you can kind of see them in the tea post this week)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Your plates are just beautiful! And I recognize that pretty Fragonard cameo toile - I've made pillows with it before. =)

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Yes I am a Toile person also.. I have blue toile on my French doors and in my draper treatment and in the living-room. I have lots of blue dishes the Spode Blue Room ... is that transfer??? I'm not sure what makes it transfer. That Fragonard Pattern is ooohhlala I love it.. What glorious colors in your home

Mary said...

Hi Penny -- I just love all the fabrics and the dishes! I have to admit I cringed when I read that you would use the last dish for a mosaic, but I know that your work is beautiful!

I had some red and white toile in the dining room years ago, but it's worn too much even for me now. LOL

Now, transferware -- that I have alot of! ;) A few blue/white, a repro set of red/white Spode, some brown/white for everyday, and some purple/white Clarice Cliffe (my faves) that I found at a thrift store.

Love that lavender bedroom!

Rosehaven Cottage said...

I love toile! I use it in our master bedroom suite. In fact, I use the same red and white toile that you do! How neat is that? Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Penny Carlson said...

I just have to tell Mary, that the plate has a flaw...I try really hard not to break great vintage plates. In fact, I have a hard fast rule not to pay more than $2.00 for a plate. So at that price I know I am not breaking something of value :-).

Miss Rhea said...

How pretty your toile collection, and transferware is. I collect Mulberry transferware. You do lovely work, and I enjoyed reading your Blog. :)

Carmen Alexandra, Writing & Baking Enthusiast said...

Hi, Penny ~ I painted two wooden chairs white and covered them in red and white toile and the other in black and white toile. I left them back home with my daughter. They turned out so lovely. I have a plate almost identical to the one in your blog today. I'll post a pic. It does not have the center design. So nice to have you visit.

Brenda said... have such pretty things. I LOVE toile. Right now im laying in my bed that has a green toile quilt much like the fabric you showed. Would love to find some green plates. I have had no luck. I also have a visitors room with red and blue toile quilt.Thanks so much for the post.

Rosie said...

Absolutely Awesome! The green transferware plate is fabulous. I have never seen anything like that. I love toile and transferware, too.....but have not collected much of the later......only 5 of a brown and white pattern.....I have now been inspired to get out there and hunt :<)


Allison said...

Penny, I really, really love your toile and transferware!!! I have toile in our bedroom, on the bed, and it's brown. I have some transferware plates in our kitchen. I wish I could find more transferware - specifically brown. I just love it! I bet your bedroom is beautiful with the red toile and transferware. Wonderful!


Mélanie said...

wonderful romantic post with beautiful toiles and transferware plates !!!

cd&m said...

They are all lovely.

Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche' said...

Penny I LOVE the Fragonard I don't have pink either but I adore it and would have to make a room pink for that! LOL!

I do have toile and transferware but right now everything is tore up with makeovers so I will have to see where it takes me. :)


Counting Your Blessings said...

I have a secret...I've been hording a bit of the Fragonard cameo toile (in blue, pink AND lavendar) I just love it! And toile is so perfectly YOU! Very French Country. I enjoyed your collection - thanks. Blessings this weekend... Polly

Becky said...

Hi Penny! I have a lamp shade with the same pink toile (the couple and dog). I love toile and have a few things here and there. Stop by my blog today...I am giving away something with toile fabric. Your things are lovely! What pattern is the plate with the cottage?


the feathered nest said...

Do I use toile in my home! Did you do this post for me LOL! Love it all!


Bren said...

I love the red and white transferware, all the colors are beautiful.
That pink piece is to die for.

Love it, Bren

a said...

oh me too! love them both so much I have a hard time parting with anything toile and transfered...waving hello to you penny!

melissa @ the inspired room said...


Wow, they are all so pretty! I have some b&w toile, and some red toile, but I love all the unique ones you have! Very striking.

Natasha Burns said...

Penny I love that Fragonard plate! And your toile and transferware is so beautiful!

Tutti Chic said...

Penny~Your tole trays & toile are GORGEOUS!! I actually own the pink toile! I was so delighted to see one of your wonderful creations gracing the new country victorian magazine!! It is to-die for gorgeous & you are one talented lady!!! congratulations on the magaine exposure! :)

Barbara Jacksier said...


Are you familiar with Royal Ducal? It comes in a gorgeous lavender and white. It would look lovely in your lavender bedroom. I have a tea service that I will shoot and post.

Susie Q said...

Oh Penny...this is all too wonderful! I love transferware and toile so much as well. I just ordered some green toile curtains for the living room!
I have a little bit of each in every room. My guest room is black and cream/white toile...I have some brown, green, red and blue of each everywhere. But oh that lavender! Gorgeous!

Your home is so beautiful!


Yovana said...

Love the site, I was googling "Lavendar" and that how I found your blog. This is the second time I've stumbled upon your sight in the last few must be the music too...when I have the courage to create my own blog I might just copy from you!

SJ Mom