Tuesday, July 8, 2008

French Bleu Pot and Introducing Madeleine

This past weekend when we were having a day in the country we stopped at a wonderful little garden shop. See here. While there we picked up a few fabulous things for our garden....

Melissa at The Inspired Room is doing a post today on bringing "Bursts of Color" into your garden. That's exactly what we were going for when we bought this French Bleu colorful pot. I planted some Rosemary in it. Even in the winter it will bring a spot of color into our garden.

Isn't this a great color?

And now, I would like to introduce Madeleine - or Maddie for short. I just fell in love with her. She had the best patina. I planted a Purslane inside her planter opening. I will end up looking like her hair, I think.

She looks very regal and serene.

Do you add anything new to your garden mid summer to revive it?

Until Next Time,


Anonymous said...

I really like the colorful pot and like the "hair" growing idea!!!! I tried a childs wooden rocking chair and put a cement gnome in it--we have a small porch and I was using what we have. I think the gnome needs some color though. The gnome was comic relief!!!!( What kind of paint is used on cement statues??) The traveling gnome is back down in the flowers-- it gets around!!!
I really enjoy your blogs!!!

Lib said...

Hi Penny,
Love the blue pot so colorful and pretty!I Love Maddie she's so cute!
Have a great day!

Counting Your Blessings said...

I love Maddie!! So, so cool! My small wildflower patch has finally decided to take off and now everyday there's new things popping up. If only I could get the roses and hydrangea to take off like that =) Blessings... Polly

Jeanne said...

Penny, I stopped by earlier but you still had your lavender post. I'm glad I came back, as I love the artful post. It is easy to see that you definitely have art in your heart and mind. Yes, I plant all during the summer. If I visit the garden center, I can't resist buying something.

I have to know where the lavender field is in NC. Visit my post and tell me please. Thanks!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

The pot and Maddie are great! I'm afraid the last part of growing season will be neglected at my house. VPD is taking all my attention!

Janet said...

I have always wanted a "Maddie" for inside. Never occurred to me that I want a Maddie for outside too, lol. So many wants, silly isn't it?


Rosehaven Cottage said...

The french blue pot is so lovely and I think you've chosen the perfect plant to put in it. Rosemary will look wonderful.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Connie said...

Maddie, you go girl!! I wanna see that hair grow as fast as mine. In which case, you'll need a haircut in about 3 days!! My lovely Penny, I LOVE the blue pot. I'm trying to buy things for my back yard and front porch also.
Smoochies, sweet lady,

Pat said...

Both of these pots are so wonderful Penny! I love herbs of all kinds and grow them all in pots and containers.

So far everything has just begun to really blossom and grow in my little garden so I haven't needed anything to refresh it as yet. My hydrangeas have exploded with color and people stop and ask me what I did to them this summer to make them so pretty --I did nothing new-- it was just all the rain we got this year! :-)

Hugs, Pat

Beverly said...

Madeleine is so lovely. I know she will be breathtaking with her hair cascading.

And, that bright blue pot is quite eye-catching. I have been looking for something new for one area in our backyard, but I haven't found the perfect thing yet.

Kathleen Grace said...

The blue pot is such a pretty focal point. I tink Maddy is gorgeous, she will look so pretty with her purslane hair:>) I dont stop buying flowers and things til frost kills the garden, I am always on the lookout for something fun for cheap or something to change things around:>)

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Penny, I love Maddie, I don't think she will ever have a bad hair day at your house, but let her come over here, her roots would be brown with me. I need to try bright pots, like you bought, really gives you color.

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Yes that is the best blue color... you know I love blue.... and Maddie is charming what an air of majesty she adds to the garden.... lovely
Thanks again for your help today... it was lovely to hear your voice

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Beautiful pot Penny! I adore that color of blue! Maddie is so neat! Love her!! Beautiful finds :)


Pam said...

Isn't Maddie beautiful! I see you have decided on the elegant and regal purslane look for her, and not the stand-up look of chives.A lovely post Penny.

Back Through Time said...

Hi Penny
I love both additions to your garden!! You have done a wonderful job with it.
Hope you had a great 4th!

Cottage Rose said...

Penny; I love your french blue pot, it is a bright spot in your garden. Maddie is so beautiful, she is so statuette's her hair is going to lovely, I can't wait to see her when it is grown out. The rosemary is going to be divine and smell absolutely wonderful. Have a happy week.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

I love Maddie....I want one.....She is Fabulous...will stop by again to see how her hair is doing...She just makes me smile...
Mo :-)

Jeanne said...

Penny, thank you for your comments and the link to the lavender farm. I think it is too far right now, but when we go to Raleigh I believe it is feasible.

I will try to find lavender locally.


Debi said...

Hi Penny,
Love your french blue pot and Maddie! So pretty! We have been looking for some statues to add to the garden but haven't found anything special yet. Although my husband went to an estate sale the other day and came home with a wooden chicken, hmmmmmmm??!
Your garden is beautiful!
Big hugs,

Jan & Tom's Place said...

What a gorgeous garden...such color!!

Penny, I was hoping you'd stop by my Blog...cuz I have an Award here with your name on it. I've selected you to receive the Arte y Pico Award. All instructions are included in the post about the Award!!!


Melanie said...

Hi Penny, love that shade of blue on the pot. The green of the rosemary looks so good against it. Mine is flowering a lovely lilac at the moment. I added violas for colour this year. They should self seed too.

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...


French Blue is a favorite of mine love the planter.

As for Maddie, she's is something special. They sell these new at Home Goods. I have seen them there with the planter in the top, but they have nothing on Maddie.


LW said...

What a pretty garden pot……..great color.
Rosemary is one of my favorite plants and scents..
I find it to be very calming…

Madeleine is wonderful, I can see why you fell in love with her..
She is going to be very elegant with her new hairdo …


emily said...

Hi Penny!

Just love the statue in your garden! Her name fits her! And great idea putting the Purslane in her head.
I'm re-doing an island in my front yard right now to spruce things up, I will post soon about it!


Carey said...

Very pretty. I love the blue pot.

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I do love a splash of color in my yard. That blue is beautiful. I am thinking my yard could use more color! I may be picking up my paint brush today. I have a table that could use a little TLC. Blue is the color I am using too! I am thinking about one more last trip to the garden shop. I do need to refresh a few planters.
Maddie is a nice addition to your garden!

Donna said...

The blue pot looks fabulous and oh so french! And the new addition of Maddie looks great.
I need to do something in the garden for color, I have too much green now and not enough blooming!

Dana said...

Love your garden it is beautiful! Many Garden Blessings, dana

Catherine Holman said...

I love Maddie! I have a friend who has this same piece in her entry on a table. She planted moss and then put a wreath around her head. I can't seem to find one.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I 'specially like the blue pot, Penny. But Madelaine is pretty too. It would take an act of God to revive my poor garden. I'm afraid pots and stone statues wouldn't do it.

Linda said...

Hi Penny,
Sorry I haven't been by much lately the boys are home on school holidays. Love the colour of the pot and Madeleine does look very regal and serene.
Cheers Linda

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh Penny, she is just an absolutely stunning addition to your garden. I love her!


Anne Fannie said...

Love Maddie. She is truly a garden's delight!

KarenHarveyCox said...

I love the blue pot...but that Maddie is something else!!! I was just about to run out to get something to hold up my pink day lilies, and I listened to you and stopped by Melissa's place too. Thanks for the inspiration, now you have given me a wonderful idea. Karen

P.S. that music reminds me of Allegria

Shelia said...

Hi Penny, I was popping in to see what you were doing today. I guess you're still in the garden.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Brenda Kula said...

I love touches of cobalt blue in my garden. My favorite! About all I've added recently is much-needed water. I'm afraid anything alive would cook in this humid heat!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

I love the blut pot, but I love
Maddie even more. She is so beautiful. I love anythnig patina.

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Thanks Penny, for sending us to Debi's blog. Her artwork is breathtaking! I love Madeleine too and I think just resently I saw an article in a decorating or gardening magazine (can't remember exactly) about a young couple who creates garden art pottery and Maddie was amoung their creations based on something to do with his mother-in-law.Oh well, I'll see if I can find the article somewhere in my magazine piles and let you know.


Rhondi said...

Hi Penny
What wonderful additions to your garden. Maddie adds lots of character and the blue planter (I adore that color blue)adds color. My garden is looking rather sad these days. You've ispired me to see what I can do to spruce it up a little. Sorry to hear your computer got hit with lightening!
Hugs, Rhondi

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Penny, I love your new blue pot and the lady pot. Yep, I have added some new "old" stuff to the gardens lately. I also bought some new fresh petunias baskets. Mine weren't looking so hot. I also just finally plowed up a spot for my zinnia garden. Hopefully I will have zinnias to pick up to Thanksgiving. Happy Day! ~ Lynn


I just love her.... she is perfect.. whereevr did you find her or did I miss that in the post??
Your garden is coming right along!!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Love that blue pot!
I found your friends Debi's blog and saw her art, all the roses and I instantly thought of you and Ceilo........funny that you have mentioned her.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Madeleine is awesome! I have seen similar pots on someone else's blog and would love to find one around here like it. She will look great with her "hair" as it grows out!